Know who all are involved in game fixing

If you have heard of match fixing that is being done in several games that are played at international level, you would be very much disappointed. Only few people who are interested to make money are doing such unhealthy things that are spoiling reputation of sports committee and nation’s reputation and respect. So, if you could succeed in knowing these few people you could control the situation and ensure that players from your country is respected everywhere in the world. Though it may not be directly related to match fixing, but it could also be related to choosing members of the team so as to play international games. If you hear complaints about a particular player not selected as part of team that should be playing in international tournaments and if you receive a complaint against the same from one player, then it becomes your duty to start investigating into this fact and disclose complete details to public and do justice to players.

Well, taking help from is always suggested as no player should be discriminated on any grounds. Hence, it is your duty to know where the mistake is happening. However, some players who are not performing well also would give such complaints so as to get entry into the team. This would cause problem to real players and would also impact the success of the team playing in such tournaments representing country. Hence, in order to ensure that you are not encouraging false complaints you could do tests for lie detecting on player who have complained and continue with further investigation.
When you follow this approach you would not be wasting your time on some false complaints that are filed by some false people. It is important that you do justice but you should do justice to right people with right intentions.

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