What Makes Pokemon Yellow Rom Different?

If you want to experience the old days of pokemon animated series then you should choose pokemon yellow rom. It is one of the best versions of the pokemon game available in the market. This is designed by adding numerous unique features with beneficial things. Due to these things players are automatically attracted to playing it. In the game, each and every activity of trainer affects the development of pokemons and mainly Pikachu. The main element by which players never leave or stop playing the game that is the relationship between trainer and characters.

Yellow version – Available with lots of colors
The pokemon yellow rom is the modern face of classic theme. The key difference between classic and this one is colors. Previous versions are available in black & white theme or with limited colors. When it comes to yellow version then this version includes numerous colors those are providing an interesting look at the game. Another benefit of choosing it is multiplayer feature. For playing the game in multiplayer mode then you are required to connect another player with the help of cable. The yellow version also provides the option or wireless connection between both players. The main benefit of connection is you are able to trade with your friend such as; exchange of pokemons and so on. When all these things add to classic game after that a good outcome appears that is loved by people all over the world.
Good visual appearance
The background music or sound of game also plays an important role in getting better gaming experience. In the development of pokemon yellow rom designers also focus on this thing and add better tunes. In these tunes, they add some audios those provide best visual appearance and become reason for interest of players.

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